Bollards Enhance Security

Bollards Deliver Functional and Ornamental Value

Bollards provide an effective barrier for vehicles and pedestrians and offer significant impact protection where additional security is required. These barriers or boundary markers have many applications and are used to significantly manage vehicle traffic and protect buildings or landscapes. They also provide an aesthetic quality that is used to enhance or compliment architectural buildings and landscape designs.

High Security and Restricted Access Solution

When used properly, bollards effectively direct traffic and restrict access to designated areas while ensuring a clear line of sight and unimpeded pedestrian flow. Bollards can be designed and installed to absorb high-impact vehicle collisions. Midway can provide you with bollards that are made from structural grade steel and embedded in reinforced concrete according to your design specifications. This construction will ensure a highly resistant barrier to vehicles is maintained. 

The security of bollards make them ideal for sensitive locations such as: building entrances, pedestrian walkways, exposed utility areas, airports, ATM's, gas stations, dumpsters and numerous other applications.

Aesthetic Addition Provides Beauty and Security

Decorative bollards also add to the ornamentation of a building or landscape. Decorative covers can be fabricated, featuring stylish design to compliment the aesthetics of your installation. Covers can be fabricated out of a variety of materials and coated or painted to enhance the visual effect of your property. Decorative bollards are the solution to providing the safety benefits needed while also meeting zoning or planning objectives.


About Midway Structural Pipe and Supply, Inc.

Midway Structural Pipe and Supply, Inc. has been providing industrial pipe and supplies to industry for over 60 years. We offer Large Diameter Pipe, Structural Pipe, Bollards, API Pipe, API Valves and Fittings, Oilfield Pipe and Oilfield Valves/Fittings. We service many industries, including Oilfield, Natural Gas and many others that required structural pipe and supplies.

Midway also has an in-house, custom fabrication division Steven Steel Supply and a commercial fencing division, Lannis Fence meeting all of your industrial supply needs. 

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