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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide diameter pipe outside of your typical size range?

Yes. Midway has the ability to provide any diameter-sized pipe that your application requires. Contact our experienced representative and they will be able to help you source the exact material that you need. See our product offering for Steel Pipe.

Is it possible for you to provide pipe with a special surface coating?

Yes. We can provide pipes with a wide variety of surface preparations that you may require. Midway sells structural steel pipe as bare metal, galvanized or powder coated to your specifications. We also provide our API pipe with FBE and ARO coatings to our customers’ specifications. See our product offering for Steel Pipe.

Can you provide pipe to any location in the U.S.?

Yes. Midway has provided pipe to customers across the country. No matter where your delivery location is, we can provide you with the product that you are looking for nationwide. See our product offering for Steel Pipe.

Do you provide high pressure pipe and supplies for natural gas transmission?

Yes. Midway has extensive experience supporting the natural gas industry for the transmission of high-pressure gases. We supply pipes, valves, and fittings according to API standards as required by the natural gas industry. See our product offering API Pipe and API Valves and Fittings for Natural Gas.

Do you offer pipe for drilling operations?

Yes. We have been supporting the oil industry for over 60 years and provide down hole casing pipeline according to customers’ standards. Our extensive experience and products help keep your drilling operation on-line. See our product offering for Oilfield – Pipe.

Do you stock accessories to support above ground drilling operations?

Yes. Midway has an extensive inventory of valves, fittings and numerous other accessories for above ground drilling operations. Our store is located in south central Michigan and serves the entire area and beyond. See our product offering for Oilfield – Valves and Fittings.

Can you provide a custom fabricated item for my installation?

Yes. Midway is uniquely positioned with our custom fabrication division, Steven Steel Supply. We have the experience fabricating solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Can you provide Bollards to increase the safety of a location?

Yes. Midway can provide you with a wide variety of bollards ranging in diameter and wall thickness to provide significant protection. Our structural grade steel bollards provide a highly resistant barrier to vehicles, increasing the safety of your installation. See our product offering for Steel Pipe – Bollards.

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About Midway Structural Pipe and Supply, Inc.

Midway Structural Pipe and Supply, Inc. have been providing industrial pipe and supplies to the industry for over 60 years. We offer Large Diameter PipeStructural PipeBollardsAPI PipeAPI Valves and FittingsOilfield Pipe, and Oilfield Valves/Fittings. We service many industries, including OilfieldNatural Gas, and many others that required structural pipes and supplies.

Midway also has an in-house, custom fabrication division Steven Steel Supply and a commercial fencing division, Lannis Fence meeting all of your industrial supply needs.

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